Apple Puree Powder

  • Apple Puree Powder Delays nutrient absorption into the bloodstream, so you feel full for a long time, cleanses toxins from your intestines, increases heavy metal, lead and mercury expulsion, absorbs cholesterol and toxic radiation, prevents kidney stones in the gallbladder, reduces blood glucose and prevents cancer.

  Wheatgrass : contains several beneficiary nutrients such as the following

  • Chlorophyll: Detoxifies blood, the liver and various organs for a refreshed feeling.
  • SOD Enzymes: Anticancer properties as an antioxidant in the body.
  • P4DI: P4DI is a protein that works in cooperation with SOD Enzymes. Furthermore, wheatgrass is composed of living enzymes, vitamins, minerals and several types of amino acids, each of which coordinate effectively in wheatgrass juice.

  Strawberry Juice Powder

  • Strawberry Juice Powder Cleans toxins in the body, reduces blood cholesterol and takes effect as an aperient laxative. Strawberry juice power is an antioxida nt, whitens the skin, erases blemishes and creates collagen in the skin to gently smooth and soften the skin.

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